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Über mich


I’m an independent creative with 12+ years of experience focusing on the world wide web. I’ve collaborated with various studios, brands, and individuals, where I mainly worked within interdisciplinary and agile teams, either remote or on-site.

In fast-changing conditions, I admire work that stands the test of time. I believe less is more — in design as well as in code. Currently, I specialize in designing and prototyping user-centric interfaces for the web. To speed up my workflow, I maintain a starter kit. Feel free to view selected works or personal projects.



As a 90s kid, I grew up drawing comics, building LEGO®, and daydreaming through school classes. As a teenager, I created multiplayer maps for Half-Life, designed my first web pages in FrontPage, and played around with transitions in PowerPoint.

Coming of age, I began designing promotional materials for co-organized music events and co-founded a collective, where I was responsible for everything visual. As a result, I learned a lot about branding, marketing, design, and web development. I connected with like-minded folks and landed an internship at SoundCloud in 2010. This kicked off my professional career as a digital designer.